MADAN TECHNOLOGIES, located in Maagan Michael, on the West Coast of Israel, specializes in producing and selling water treatment equipment and infrastructure, including aquaculture, industrial pumps, sanitation, construction and more. Since its founding in 1998, MADAN TECHNOLOGIES has focused on the production of paddle aerators for the aquaculture industry, with the MAOFMADAN paddle aerator being the best known in the global aquaculture industry.


Madan Technologies

MADAN TECHNOLOGIES is a world leader in solutions for the aquaculture industry. Ori Peled, founder of MADAN TECHNOLOGIES, has been part of the aquaculture activity in Israel since the early 70s. As someone who grew up among swimming pools, Ori always had a gift for mechanically understanding how to optimize the way of working with minimum costs and maximum production. As part of the productive activity related to the global aquaculture industry, MADAN TECHNOLOGIES also began to produce automatic feeding systems, such as the SOLAR AUTOMATIC FEEDER for shrimp, emphasizing the use of renewable energy.
MADAN TECHNOLOGIES’ Activity in the aquaculture industry is based on more than 50 years of experience in our own fish farm and in the development of new technologies appropriate for the industry. MADAN TECHNOLOGIES being a world leader in solutions for the aquaculture industry, has acquired years of experience and together with our technological knowledge, will lead you to a better and more efficient future in aquaculture. MADAN TECHNOLOGIES products such as: paddle aerators and feeders automatic shrimp machines, solve the needs of the aquaculture sector in an efficient, profitable way and through renewable energy such as solar energy. All MADAN TECHNOLOGIES products meet the cost requirements, efficiency and innovation. As the largest representative of prominent international companies including WILO, FLOWSERVE, EBARA, PEDROLLO, ZENIT and several more, MADAN TECHNOLOGIES is the largest importer of water pumps in Israel with customer base ranging from the largest in the industry to the residential customer. . In 2012 our first production plant was established in Maagan Michael and in 2016 we opened our first factory. And since then we have grown and expanded to more factories and warehouses located in various parts of the world, which allows us to provide the fastest service to our esteemed customers.

Madan Technologies

Currently, MADAN TECHNOLOGIES activities include

  • Paddle aerators.
  • Automatic shrimp feeders.
  • Production and supply of water pumping equipment.
  • Civil and industrial wastewater treatment.
  • Production of equipment and machinery for the aquaculture industry.

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Our Values


Professionalism in each of the company's activities

Appreciation and respect for each of our clients

Excellence and personal professionalism

Constant improvement of our products

Knowing how to face major technological challenges and provide solutions

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